He has worked successfully for 25 years in the merger and acquisition area, corporate finances, financial planning, strategic planning, purchase, sale, and rent of strategic properties.

Gerardo Tapia C.

Founding Partner

His professional experience includes the industries of financial services, agrochemicals, biotechnology, carbonated beverages, automotive, cosmetics, and real estate in multinational companies, like Monsanto Company, GE Capital, Coca Cola Export, Ford Motor Company, BMW FS, and AVON COSMETICS. His business perspective has always been focused on discovering new ways to increase profitability, innovation, effectiveness, and financial accuracy. With outstanding performance in the positions held, he was granted several awards to excellency for the results reached.
He stands out for his experiences and robust leadership, negotiation, decision-making, and result orientation approach. He is known for his motivation, empathy, inclusion, and open communication. Some of his most outstanding strengths are his extensive experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, sales, financial services, and strategic planning. His passion are finances and purchase and sale transactions of companies. He is naturally talented to work effectively in dynamic, rapidly changing and shifting environments.

Gerardo considers that the financial methods are the essential element in most of the decisions made by the companies, as they are useful tools to weigh the options and commercial risks from the cost-benefit analysis vis-à-vis an extensive range of assumptions.

His purpose is to identify the optimal solutions when assessing the financial yield and, accordingly, understand the impact of the restriction of financial resources. In this way, he becomes a great ally to make the best business decisions.
By using MS Excel advanced, he plans, designs, and develops financial models on which he bases his recommendations. He is widely known for his passion, expertise, persistence, and results.


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